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Check back often as we develop our online portal to the Design Creations Group.

We've decided to remove the VPS and Dedicated Servers, just not the direction we really want to go.
Our Recommendation and where we host ourselves is Digital Ocean for VPS or Nocix for Dedicated solutions.

Ok, we finally broke down. We are on Facebook too. Yes we hear it's all the rage now.  ;-)

Some of you may be asking, "What is Design Creations?" Design Creations is many things really.
It began as a construct of my wife's design back in the Virtual World SecondLife. At the time we
we were creating 3D virtual products and selling them for virtual currency which we could trade
back for real world currency. It was not a get rich quick deal, but the funds it brought in were nice
in a pinch. Over the years we found that Design Creations covered many aspects, even outside the
virtual worlds. Even as far as things we created at home even software or 3D we may create online.

So really, Design Creations is a jack of all trades and master of a few.
Don't want to say none, because we do have some nifty tricks up our sleeve


The Halcyon Project is a 3D Virtual World forked from the OpenSim Software which was based on the Linden Labs SecondLife
3D Virtual World Software. The popular world InWorldz was the main progenitor of Halcyon before it closed it's doors in 2018.
Design Creations has had it's hands in Halcyon for quite some time, helping out where it can, poking at bugs and fueling a few
projects here and there. We have written a tutorial which will help a user go from zero to hero in setting up a running Halcyon based Grid.

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