Tools! 3D Printers Paints Laser Cutting Software Vinyl Cutters


Some of the software we use to design, create, print, cut our products.

Our goto software for printing:
BambuStudio Slicer
Lychee Slicer

Some of the retired 3D Printer software:
Repetier 3D Print Server
Cura Slicer
Prusa Slicer
Chitubox Slicer

Our main 3D applications
3DS Max 2024
NetFabb 2023

We are just getting into CAD

Almost 42 years of experience in Information Technology
Windows from 3.11 to Windows 11
Windows Server from NT4.0 to Server 2022
Linux experience with MANY distributions from
Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat and Centos.
Webservers from Apache to IIS, Plesk, Webmin and CPanel
File Servers - Windows, Linux, OpenMediaVault
VMWare eSXI (6.0-8.x) 
VMWare Workstation (Since its release in the 90's)

I left the professional IT Field in 2003. I decided EMS/Firefighting was my true calling.
Even though, I have maintained my skills on the side supporting various projects and hobbies over the years since 1982. I have very, very limited programming and scripting skills. Languages have never been my strong suit. But, I can manage to hammer my way though some code when needed.